How to Become an Intern at Animation Studios

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Internship is an important part of college education as it prepares students before they go out to the real world and start their careers. It provides them a first hand experience into what they can expect to do and the challenges they may meet in their future jobs.

internship at animation studios

In the area of caricaturing, most animation studios offer internship opportunities to interested college students and fresh graduates. Pixar, Walt Disney, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network all have programs that provide challenging and fun educational internship experience to students most often with pay. Each studio, however, may differ in the kind of tasks they give to interns.

The Benefits

Being a part of any animation studio even on a temporary basis can be a fun and enriching experience. Anybody who has an interest in comics and drawing cartoons will find it rewarding to be able to join a company, meet the people behind it and learn what’s going on in their premises on a daily basis. Regardless of the department one will be assigned in, there’s every opportunity to learn and be inspired.

It wouldn’t even be surprised if you’ll get overwhelmed during your first week in the studio. It’s a dream come true for many to be able to be exposed to the works behind film productions including their state-of-the-art equipment, meetings or presentations with directors and other big bosses, company events and department gatherings. Other benefits are the opportunity to network with studio artists, eat with the top executives, enjoy free movie screenings, take animation tests and take part in workshops and classes.

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If you’re into animation and very interested to learn the tricks of the trade, then applying for internship is the best move you can make.

How to Apply

Normally, those accepted for intern positions at cartoon companies are college juniors or seniors. Some of the other requirements a certain grade point average, submission of a current resume and cover letter. Other companies may require previous campus internship experience and visa notably for international students.

New graduates may also apply for internship if they’re willing to hone their skills even with minimum pay at the start. It’s a good opportunity to grab to gain actual experience and show prospective employers of your capabilities.

Before applying, though, make sure to determine your main interest and the company you’d like to be a part of. Keep in mind that an animation studio has different departments and it would be best to know where you really like to be exposed to.

Once you have decided, go to the website of your chosen animation studio and fill out their online registration form and attach your resume and cover letter. You may also email your resume and cover letter if that’s the only option available.

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