Q: What is a Professional Intern?

A: Well, first of all it’s a play on words. Much like a “Career Student” or “10th Year Senior,” a Professional Intern is someone who (for one reason or another), finds themselves stuck in the student role. Whether by choice or by circumstance, by our definition, a Professional Intern is anyone who finds themselves putting their career on hold in the name of higher education.


Q: Does the Professional Intern accept guest posts?

A: The short answer? YES. The long answer? Oddly enough, it is YES as well. It just involves a lot more reading. See our Guest Post Guidelines for the info you need to get the ball rolling.


Q: Does the Professional Intern pay its guest contributors?

A: This one’s an easy question… NO.


Q: Do I have to be a student to contribute to the Professional Intern community?

A: No. Although most of our contributors are currently enrolled in classes to at least some degree; we readily welcome any and all information related to students and student life. So even if you are out of school and settled in your career, if you have a nugget of knowledge that might spare some unsuspecting student a world of frustration… by all means, share away!