FAQs about the Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership Online

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Are you intrigued by the idea of pursuing a degree in organizational leadership? Or, perhaps you are a current student and are pursuing a masters degree in organizational leadership and have some unanswered questions left about the field you chose to study? If you have been out of school for a while and recently made the decision to return for a postgraduate degree in organizational leadership, you possibly have some worries that need to be addressed as well. If you are one of those people, curious about this ever-evolving program, then it might help you to read over several of the most frequently asked questions that most students have concerning organizational leadership in an online setting.

Question 1:  How long will it take for me to graduate?

When individuals decide to go back to school after they’ve been out of college for years, they often keep their full-time jobs so they can still have a steady income flowing in. Prospective students looking to go back to school to earn their master’s degree can complete the program in two years if they are going to school full-time. Otherwise, it could take the student up to three or four years if they decide to enroll part-time. The program requires students to graduate with 36 credit hours and to take 12 eight-week courses.

Question 2:  Can I attend classes online?

When a student enrolls in online college classes, they can log in to their online account at anytime, anywhere. As long as the individual has internet access and a web browser, the student can successfully log in to complete their work. Each class has their own set schedule of due dates, like a traditional class and when a student logs in, they’ll be able to see all the dates upon clicking the assignment, discussion board link or exam. Students also have access to a variety of online educational resources to help them write essays, get help and to register for the next semester’s courses. Students will also be able to interact with other students and their professor, simply by posting questions in discussion boards or sending an email.

Question 3:  What options can help me with my online courses?

For students who take online classes, the college ensures every student will have as much access to learning resources and assistance as a traditional college; sometimes even more. Since all classes and interactions are done through an online blackboard portal, students who need help with their assignments can contact one of their professors who teach their courses. They can also request tutoring assistance, should they struggle with their studies. Online colleges move students through the leadership program in a group, as that helps to encourage individuals to build their own learning and support network.

Question 4:  Is there any financial aid available and how much does it cost to attend an online college?

Prospective and existing students enrolled in online programs can apply for financial aid through the government and the online college itself. Students who have questions concerning their financial aid award packages can contact their financial aid office to help them figure out the costs. Students who would like to know what the tuition is for enrolling in the online organizational leadership master’s degree program can also contact the financial aid office or the admissions office. Students can contact their admissions advisor to help answer all their questions related to financial aid and tuition costs.

Question 5:  Are online master’s degree programs accredited?

Students who have any concerns about the accreditation of their online school of choice can rest assured that knowing the master’s degree program they are enrolling in is, indeed, most likely accredited. Students can often find the school’s accreditation on the college’s main website or they can ask their admissions counselor to show them the proper documents that establishes the school’s proper accreditation.

Rachel Saxton is a student blogger with a focus on writing about careers. Rachel, personally, is working on her master’s in organizational leadership at the moment, which she decided to do after initially studying for her MBA.



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    I found this very interesting, as I’ve been going back and forth between getting an organization degree myself!