Should You Ask For a Raise?

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If you feel you deserve a raise in your salary but feel uncomfortable asking for one, there are several tips you can follow to ensure you do everything on your part to ask in the proper manner. Let’s take a look at several things you should do before and while you ask for raise.

What is the Average Salary for Your Occupation?

Before asking for a raise, you should always find out how much other people are making that employed in your occupational area. Asking for raise if you already are making more than others performing your same job duties will only make you look irrational.

There are several ways to go about determining what other people in your occupational area are making. With a quick search on the Internet you can easily find out the average salary of someone performing your job duties.

It is important to keep in mind that experience and education often help determine how much you deserve to make. If you have been working for 2 years without a raise, remind your boss when asking for a raise that you now have 2 years more experience than when you were hired on or received your last raise.

Determine the Financial Health of the Organization You are Employed Through

Asking for a raise while your employer is enduring hard financial times is not the smartest move to make. With a small amount of research you can identify how financially healthy your employer is. If your employer seems to be doing very well when it comes to finances do not hold back asking for a raise, you never know if next week their financial status may take a dampening.

Rehearse Your Pay Raise Argument

Asking for a raise should never be conducted through argumentative statements; however, supporting your reasons as to why you deserve a raise is a must. When you ask for a raise you are selling yourself, so make sure you can thoroughly tell your boss why you deserve the raise.

Accomplishments that you have made that have helped the organization you are employed through should always be included in your reasons as to why you deserve the raise. A detailed list of relevant skills, such as payroll processing skills, that help you be successful at the job duties you perform is also a nice persuasive factor that can be presented to your boss.

Prepare Yourself for a Turndown

In some cases you may be turned down for a raise, especially if your employer does not believe your worker performance calls for a raise. If you get turned down for a raise you basically have two options; accept the turndown or find another job. If you feel that you really do deserve the raise and feel unappreciated then you may want to find a job that does appreciate you. If you decide to accept the turndown and continue working, then ask your boss what it will take to get a raise.

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  1. FrancesNovember 15, 2011 at 6:28 AM -

    I am scared of asking my boss, I have a meeting with him in the next 30 mins. I am a graduate and I am very good @ wot i do but im hired as an intern. I need a raise cuz my presnt salary doesnt cover ANYTHING. I NEED THIS. can i get a carefully rehearsed speech Plllllssssssssss.