Summer Internships vs. Summer Jobs

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Ah, the summer internship! It is often the perfect solution for college students trying to gain experience in their chosen field or try out a career path to see if it is a fit. Internships are available in just about any line of work, from the legal field to medicine to the arts. Because of the age we live in, sometimes it is even possible to acquire a remote internship, with minimal need to be in the physical workplace.

However, all too often, internships both in person and remote tend to be unpaid. In these current economic conditions, sadly, the unpaid internship is becoming more and more common. While internships both paid and unpaid can provide extremely valuable work and life experience, one of the basic realities of life is that money is a necessity!

If you fall into the category of having an unpaid internship, you will more than likely need to pick up at least a part time job to supplement this gap and allow you to be able to pay your bills. When it comes to summer jobs, there are a handful of classic choices that students have relied upon throughout the years.


Life Guard

Not too far removed from the pool maintenance realm is the role of life guard. This classic summer job has helped to fill the wallets of many students looking to earn money during the summer. In most states proof of swimming proficiency and safety certification will be required in order to be a life guard, as well as the ability to administer CPR. You’ll get lots of beach and/or poolside time, a great tan, be admired and appreciated by the swimmers you are protecting — all while getting paid for it!

House Painter

Another popular choice for summer employment among college students is house painting. This job requires some basic skills that most people already have, and the rest can be learned fairly quickly. While house painting jobs are available year-round, the nicer weather in summer leads to a spike in all construction-related work, including house painting.
Pool Boy (or Girl!)

No, it’s not just a cliche! Pool maintenance is a real and legitimate field, and summertime is definitely the season for swimming and enjoying the pool. Pools will need frequent cleaning maintenance during the high usage season. Whether it’s an above ground pool or one that is in-ground, the pool will need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Becoming a pool boy or girl can be a wonderful, flexible summertime job, and the most obvious perks is that you’ll get to be outdoors, enjoying the sunshine!
Camp Counselor

Summer is the time for summer camp for many young children, and those camps often have a strong need for counselors to help manage and entertain the kids throughout the summer months. If you love the outdoors and love being around kids, getting a job as a camp counselor could be the perfect fit for you.


If you happen to be skilled in math, science, English or writing, tutoring could be a summer job option for you. Many students who are lacking in certain subjects use the summer to hone their skills and enroll in summer school classes. Keep your eyes peeled for teaching assistant or tutoring positions in subjects that come naturally to you.

All of these classic summer jobs can provide valuable life experiences that can help pave the way for future success in your chosen field. While internships both paid and unpaid can do this in an even more direct way, having a boss and working at a real, paid job allows you to become accustomed to actually working for a living… and cashing the checks is fun, too!