The State of Global Education and Jobs Market

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The global economy has been slow but hopes are high it will continue to recover. Among the world economies, the U.S. remains a powerhorse owing to its rich natural resources, modern infrastructures and high productivity. It has the second largest economy worldwide with a GDP of $15.8 trillion as of 2012.

But while this is so, the country still needs to improve on many aspects particularly in the area of jobs generation. Not all new college graduates are fortunate to find a job right away. Economists confirmed that 4.8 million people or 39.1 percent are still without work.

In December 2012, 155,000 jobs were generated for a total of 1.84 million in the same year as reported by the Labor Department but it’s not enough. Unemployment remains at 7.8 percent.

Among the graduates, mostly those with technical backgrounds (computer science, engineering and accounting) are in high demand while those with degrees in humanities, liberal arts and education are having difficulty landing a job.

Global Education Facts
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