The Twitter Addiction: How Hooked Are You? (Infographic)

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They call it “the 140 character fix”. Everyday people across the world plow through their twitter feed first thing in the morning. Some use it strictly as a news filter, following thought leaders in their industry and relevant periodicals. Others use it simply for a good laugh, as twitter has become a breeding ground for arm chair comedians who have literally thousands of followers seemingly coming out of nowhere. Whatever you use twitter for, one thing cannot be denied…it’s addictive.

Addicted to Twitter

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  1. SaraJune 12, 2012 at 2:17 PM -

    Great infographic! Very beautiful! It’s true that social networks are very addictive… Especially Facebook and Twitter. As for Twitter, it’s all about it these days, but I believe that it will pass this crazy obsession!
    Thank you :)